Social Media

Content Creation & Management

Social Media is amazing tool for your brand or business, but it’s also massively time consuming. Running a small business or brand is already time consuming enough, trust us, we know. Just being on Instagram or Facebook once a day to update all of your fans or post about a new product takes so much time. Creating images of a new product: time consuming. Interacting with other local businesses: time consuming. Uploading video or content to Pinterest: time consuming. The point is, social media can be amazing for you BUT it takes a lot of time and effort. So, let us help you with that. We have several local businesses we handle all of the social media for, and have time for your brand or business as well. If you don’t need someone to fully run all of your social media, thats ok too … maybe you just need photographs or content for it - like new lifestyle images of your staff, or new product, or studio space … all of that takes so much time and effort and we can help.


Red Tail Health

We create:
All social media content (infographics, photographs, and video)

We manage:
All social media outlets with a large emphasis on Instagram and Facebook with almost daily posting to each platform

Guest House Shop

We create:
Content imagery based around featured makers. We are currently photographing hundreds of local makers that work with Guest House Shop.

We manage:
Pinterest (almost daily posting), Instagram (shared platform)

Otis Coffee

We created:
Imagery and content for website and all social media outlets from for rebrand launch.

We managed:
For the initial 6 months of the rebrand, we handled posting to all social media accounts 4-5 times per week.

Interested in learning more? Let’s set up a time to chat on the phone or meet up - either is free to you. We can listen to your needs and suggest ways we can help.